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Subscription Plans: Jet Black Design offers various website subscription services (“Subscription Services”) that allow subscribers to lease a website and access various additional services tailored to their needs. The specific services included in each subscription plan will be outlined during the sign-up process or in the plan details.

Billing and Payment: Subscription fees will be billed on a recurring basis, as specified at the time of purchase. The subscriber is responsible for providing accurate billing information and must update this information promptly if it changes.

Changes to Subscription Plans: Subscribers may upgrade their subscription plan at any time. Downgrades or complete cancellations are not permitted until the end of the complete renewal term. Any changes to the plan will take effect from the next billing cycle. If a subscriber upgrades, additional charges may apply.

Cancellation Policy: Clients may cancel their subscription with Jet Black Design at any time by contacting customer support or through the account dashboard, but they will remain responsible for fulfilling the complete renewal term. Cancellation or downgrading before the end of the complete renewal term will not relieve the subscriber of the responsibility to fulfill the entire agreed-upon commitment, including payment for the full term. Upon cancellation, the subscriber’s access to the Subscription Services will continue until the end of the committed renewal term, after which all access will be terminated. No refunds will be provided for cancellations made during the committed term. Any specific terms or agreements included in the initial invoice or other formal agreements with Jet Black Design will take precedence over the general terms mentioned on this page.

Renewals: Unless cancelled, subscriptions will automatically renew for the same period at the current subscription rate. Subscribers will be notified of any upcoming renewals and have the option to cancel before renewal, but only after fulfilling the complete renewal term.

Additional Services: Subscribers may request additional services that are not included in their subscription plan. These services may incur additional charges, and specific terms for these services will be provided at the time of request.

Termination by Jet Black Design: Jet Black Design reserves the right to terminate a subscription at any time for breach of these terms, failure to pay subscription fees, or any other reason deemed appropriate by Jet Black Design. Notice of termination will be provided to the subscriber, and access to Subscription Services will be revoked accordingly.

Liabilities and Warranties: Jet Black Design provides the Subscription Services “as is” and makes no additional warranties or representations regarding the services. Subscribers should consult the general liability and warranty section of these terms for more information.

Applicable Laws: This agreement and the Subscription Services provided shall be governed by the laws of the jurisdiction in which Jet Black Design operates. Subscribers agree to comply with all local laws and regulations related to their subscription.

Contact: For any questions, concerns, or requests related to these Subscription Services, please contact Jet Black Design’s customer support at [email protected].