Being an entrepreneur in today’s world is a 24/7 job. True, the perks of running your own business can be rewarding in many ways, but does getting there have to be filled with so many damn mistakes?

If you’re reading this, then a great deal of those mistakes will be prevented.

5 Effective Entrepreneur Life Hacks, that really work!

1. Take Frequent Breaks. I know you feel you’re way to busy to ever take a break. Or you procrastinated for too long and have an overdue deadline to make. Believe it or not, taking breaks actually help your brain. Ever feel like you’ve lost focus, can’t pop out that new idea, or you’re not your normal creative genius self? Well take a break. 5 to 15 minutes is all you need to rejuvenate yourself. Which in turn makes a better service/product and of course a better you.

2. Keep a Diary, Journal or Blog. Ever feel overwhelmed; Like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders and  you don’t have time to see a shrink to vent? Well a simple fix to that is a Diary, Journal or Blog. I’d suggest a private blog, unless you like to publicly share your thoughts. Sometimes you need to air out. This can also be used in your personal life. But keep your personal and business journals separate. Not only would this play as a stress reliever, but you can also use it to help organize your life.

3. Listen More. You can learn something from everyone; not just about them but also about yourself. I’m not saying wake up and walk the streets aimlessly looking for someone to listen to. When you talk with your clients, friends, family, and even occasional strangers; try really listening to them. This will bring you better understanding of people (clients) and yourself (service/product provider).

4. Find a Good Mentor. If you’re over 30, sometimes you may feel like you’re too seasoned for a mentor. Well you’re wrong and it can be proven. Take a minute and ask yourself, “Do I know everything there is to know about my business and how to be successful in all aspects?”. If you’re a human being, the answer probably is NO. Find someone in a place (financially, mentally, spiritually, physically), that can teach you something new. If you can’t find a real life person then look towards the virtual world of computers, YouTube videos, audio books, etc.

5. Time Your Tasks. Seriously, take the time to time how fast you do various tasks. You can use time-tracking software, or go old school with a stopwatch, piece of paper and pen. Track your daily tasks then apply them to your organization methods. Example: Put quick tasks to the head of the line. Get those over and done with. The longer tasks, space them out accordingly. Never put long tasks back to back. It can become draining and tedious. Your brain needs that feeling of success after each task.

Follow these simple 5 Effective Entrepreneur Life Hacks and watch your business grow almost overnight.