Social media, defined as the various activities that combine technology and social interaction. It is people having conversation online. Together with the changing times, communication is also changing. Social media is also changing the small-business marketing landscape. Businesses can gain entry into powerful networking sites and other social media to drive prospects to their websites.

Every year huge companies invest a lot of money on advertising. Companies, invest heavily on what we call as tri-media. Tri-media includes television, radio and print (newspaper, magazine, etc) .With the advent of social media business owners need not spend the bulk of their profits on publicity. From billions of dollars, marketing spending became less expensive. Online marketing, can be done in various ways, you can write blogs, leaving comments, and with the use of social networking sites such as FaceBook, MySpace, Linkedln, Twitter and Youtube can provide inexpensive yet powerful online marketing.

Are you one of those people still stuck with traditional marketing? Do not be stuck on this, explore other options available to gain publicity. In doing so, you would be able to slash the advertising cost in half or even more.

Here are some tips on how entrepreneurs can use social media effectively:

1. Usage of free sites.

It would be beneficial if you use mobile short-messaging such as Twitter, and popular networking sites like Facebook and Myspace, you can use the this to inform people of significant news, events or specials. Say, for example, you own a Japanese restaurant; you can quickly inform people of your restaurant’s lunch or dinner special via “tweets.” The good thing about Twitter is that you do not have to create a personal profile. Even if you are a newbie in the world online marketing, you can easily learn the ropes of how Twitter works.

2. Reallocate marketing costs to social media.

After you have learned how social networking works, you can use these tools to free up traditional marketing dollars. Unlike print ads wherein you cannot measure the results, social media allows you do exactly that. You can get instant and measurable results with social media.

3. Perform you own social media optimization.

You can learn about your competition who are also using social networking. It would be helpful if you search using Google and Yahoo. Type in keywords or phrases people would likely use to find your business. If you do not appear in the top percentage pages, take a closer look at the competition’s website and check what is on their page that you do not have.

Increase your business’s presence online by writing blogs or newsletters and other articles that will effectively increase their ranking in web searches.

These tips are proven effective. Businesses would be able to save a lot of money and also increase sales with if they choose to use this avenue. Learn the ropes of this system because in the long run this will be a big factor to your business’s success.